#ZEWBoolkTalk: „Joshua Gans: The Pandemic Information Gap – The Brutal Economics of COVID-19”

17.12.2020 (18:00 - 19:00)
Online im Livestream auf Youtube, Deutschland (Online)

Das ZEW lädt am Donnerstag, den 12. Dezember 2020, von 18:00 - 19:00 Uhr alle interessierten ABSOLVENTUM-Mitglieder zu eine weiteren digitalen Veranstaltung, die dieses Mal in Englischer Sprache stattfindet, ein.

Zur Veranstaltung:

„Das Jahresgutachten 2020/21 des Sachverständigenrates zur Begutachtung der gesamtwirtschaftlichen Entwicklung“

In our new series of events „Listen! Books and their authors at ZEW“ (#ZEWBookTalk) we invite leading economists from Germany and abroad to ZEW Mannheim to present their current publications. This is followed by a controversial exchange with a competent interlocutor on the podium about the core theses of these predominantly economic and political new releases. With this series of events, ZEW offers readers exclusive contact with chosen authors and a lively exchange with the book contents presented. The book presentations take place either in German or English.

Economist Joshua Gans, mentored by this year’s Nobel Prize Winner Paul Milgrom, provides us with a guide to the pandemic economy: An essential reading about the long-term implications of the current Corona crisis – stating that solving the information problem should be at the core of global pandemic response.

In his book, Gans steps back from the short-term chaos to take a clear and systematic look at how economic choices are being made in response to COVID-19. He shows that containing the virus and pausing the economy – without letting businesses fail and people lose their jobs – are the necessary first steps. In his opinion, the COVID-19 pandemic is essentially an information problem: This is the enlightening and provocative idea at the heart of Gans‘ book. Thus, if we simply solve the information problem, are we able to defeat the virus?

This question among others Joshua Gans is happy to discuss with Prof. Achim Wambach of the ZEW by outlining the phases of the pandemic economy and and explaining how to protect ourselves from future pandemics. Additionally, he will check policy tools that might aid an economic recovery, distinguishing between economic losses during a pandemic and a recession.

We are living in a moment of unprecedented crisis. Especially against the background of the second corona wave in Europe and the still strongly increasing numbers in the USA, Gans' book is gaining increasing importance.

In exchange with ZEW’s president Prof. Achim Wambach, Ph.D (@AchimWambach)

Hier gelangen Sie zum Livestream.

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