#ZEWlive: „War in Ukraine and the Economic Consequences – Views from the United States“

10.05.2022 (12:00 - 13:00)
Online, Deutschland (Online)

Am Dienstag, den 10. Mai 2022, um 12:00 Uhr lädt das ZEW zu der folgenden Veranstaltung über Livestream ein:

#ZEWlive: War in Ukraine and the Economic Consequences – Views from the United States

Norman Thatcher Scharpf, U.S. Consul General
Prof. Achim Wambach, PhD, ZEW President

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created a dire humanitarian crisis, and millions of refugees have been forced to flee Ukraine. This invasion has shattered many illusions. Policymakers will now need to reconsider notions of sovereignty, international cooperation and security of supply in their decision-making. The imposed sanctions, resulting from Russian aggression, are weighing on the global economy, putting pressure on inflation, and impacting central bank policy, energy, and commodities. The war has triggered turmoil in the financial markets and led to global macroeconomic uncertainty. Transatlantic partners will need to stand on Ukraine’s side with a long-term recovery programme. NATO will need to pursue a new security architecture. The European Union needs to find ways to become economically more independent and foster innovation.

At our event we will discuss these geopolitical challenges facing the European and the global economy with U.S. Consul General Norman Thatcher Scharpf and ZEW President Achim Wambach – and take a look at the road ahead. Jessica Sturmberg will moderate the discussion.

The event is organised by ZEW Mannheim in cooperation with the U.S. Consulate General in Frankfurt.

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